Due to new legislation we now need you to produce the paper part of your licence by loging onto www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence you will need your driving licence number and your national insurance number, WE NEED YOU TO PRINT OFF, YOUR DETAILS, VEHICLES YOU CAN DRIVE, PENALTIES AND DISQUALIFICATIONS, ALL CAN BE FOUND BY LOGGING ONTO THE .GOV WEBSITE ABOVE

Q)Can we take our dog in the box

A)No we do not permit dogs in any of our vehicles

Q)Does the box come with a full tank of diesel

A)Yes and on returning we ask you to re fill the box in Wetherby at the shell garage, and produce a receipt on your return

Q)Do you charge extra at a certain mileage

A)Yes, we charge 40p per mile for any mileage done after the first 300 miles

Q)Can we pick the box up the night before

A)Yes if a box is available you can pick up the night before for £20 extra

Q)What time do we need to bring the box back by

A)The boxes need to be back by 7pm late arrivals will be charged at £20 per hour

Q)What time can we pick the box up at

A)Your hire time starts at 7 30am to 7pm

Q)How old do i need to be to drive one of your boxes

A)To drive our Sonic boxes which are 3.5 ton you need to be 25 years or over and have held a driving licence for 3 years

Q)Does my horse need to have its passport when travelling

A)Yes all horses must have their passports whilst travelling

A)The maximum payload on the 3.5 tonne Sonic box is 1,080kg

Q)Are you Defra registered

A)Yes we are

Q)Who are you insured by

A)We are insured by Millins

Q)What excess would we need to pay if we had an accident

A)The excess you would have to pay would be £500


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